How can your feet help you on holiday?

It is holiday season and I hope you are have been treating yourself to some sun, sea and sand!

I have just returned from a blissful week away in Kefalonia. The picture below was taken on the top of a hill looking down onto the beautiful Myrtos beach – one of the best beaches in the Med.

What you can’t see on the top of the hill is that the beach is pebbled. Whilst this makes getting in and out of the sea slightly less like Ursula Andress, barefoot walking is one of the easiest ways to give yourself your own reflexology treatment!

Our feet are full of reflex points, so by stimulating them through walking on sand, grass and even pebbles you are applying pressure to all the right places. You are essentially working on your body’s most sensitive areas without even realising it! You may notice that gradually you get better at walking on pebbles once you have spent enough time walking barefoot? So by getting your feet used to experiencing different mediums you are actually relaxing the feet, and therefore the body. And this also means being able to get out of the sea gracefully – even on a pebble beach!


For more information on why walking barefoot is surprisingly good for you – including reducing depression and relieving stress – visit MindBodyGreen and the article on going barefoot outside.