Reflexology is an incredible practice, stimulating the body’s own healing process and providing deep relaxation to tired bodies. By massaging the feet I aid blood flow and relaxation, as well as stimulate pressure points that can re-balance hormones and recalibrate the body pre and post birth. I believe anyone can benefit from reflexology; those with symptoms of stress and trauma; those with existing conditions such as insomnia, IBS and digestive issues or those looking for simple relaxation.

I am a MAR qualified reflexologist, having trained at the London School of Reflexology with Louise Keet, author of The Reflexology Bible.

Since qualifying I have done further training with Sally Earlam and Louise Keet, specialising in: 

  • Conception, pregnancy and postnatal care
  • Mindful reflexology (stress and anxiety)
  • Chakra reflexology
  • Spinal reflexology
  • Power reflexology (shorter 30 minute sessions) 

I specialise in the effects of stress, fertility & pregnancy, and postpartum re-balance. Our busy lives affect us in monumental ways; daily stresses, bad nutrition and a hectic lifestyle impact us physically and emotionally, as well as prevent our bodies from self healing. I take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing to support and improve the body’s natural healing process and restore the body’s natural systems.

Treatments include:

  • Conception, pregnancy and preparing for labour
  • Fourth Trimester Treatments
  • Insomnia, stress and anxiety relief
  • Digestive issues
  • Emotional and physical trauma work

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Meg has magic hands – the day she did my first treatment I was heavily pregnant and feeling pretty uncomfortable. Later that evening I went into labour!

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