Reflexology CPD courses

CPD course
My CPD courses are all run online from the comfort of your own home. They are supportive, empowering and provide tips and techniques to ensure you thrive in your reflexology business.

“Such a worthwhile and enjoyable course. I found Meg really well informed and engaging as well as passionate about this area of work. Finished the course feeling inspired and confident to offer this treatment plan and can see it being an area of growth for my business.” Lauren Walker, Woodlands Reflexology


1. Fourth Trimester Treatments: how to support clients in the first 12 weeks postpartum.

Investment: £85 

Next session is Thursday 19th September 10am (block 3 hours)

Email to reserve your spot!

I am a reflexologist but also Founder of Postpartum Plan and have spent the last 7 years specialising in postpartum support through reflexology and emotional and physical recovery work. I am now giving you the tools to support postpartum parents with this CPD Course: Fourth Trimester Treatments. 

Reflexology is a well known, successful treatment for pregnant people and yet many clients stop when they have their baby. This is due to time, accessibility and feeling like all their energy should go to the baby. But new parents need reflexology, relaxation and healing more than ever!

Fourth Trimester treatments are very different and require sensitivity, adapting to the situation and space. This CPD course will teach reflexologists how to adapt their treatment to support new parents, how to treat to truly help recovery and healing, and also how to promote the treatment to traditionally difficult to reach clientele. 

This course will inspire you to support a much needed group of people and empower you to help them heal. You will leave this course not only with the techniques but also the marketing skills to promote your services. 

The course is 3 hours in total. It has a 10 attendee limit so there is time for 121 practical support and includes a CPD certificate at the end.

As there are only 10 spots available please do reserve your space.

2. Breath-work for reflexologists to support healing in you and your clients

Next date: Thursday 26th September, 10am on Zoom 

Reflexologists need to support their own health to better support their clients. Running from client to client, work stress or anything else can affect a treatment through neuroception – the energy that a practitioner brings into the treatment space. This training teaches reflexologists how breath-work can support their own mental health, impact their healing energy and how they treat their clients. 

Under the guidance of Meg, an expert in therapeutic breath-work and the Founder of Postpartum Plan, her dedication to the emotional and physical health of parents is unmatched.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The potent practice of breath work, crafted just for reflexologists.
  • Techniques to navigate stress and rejuvenate your spirit.
  • The peace and healing potential that flows from a soothed nervous system.
  • How you can use breath-work to support your own clients and their healing journey.
  • Personalised feedback on your nervous system through breath-work exercises. 

At the end of the course you will understand the impact of their breath on your health and your treatments, how to use your breath to heal themselves and how your breath can impact client treatments. Attendees will also have breath styles to use to support their health and improve their practice. 

The course is 3 hours in total. It has a 10 attendee limit so there is time for 121 practical support and includes a CPD certificate at the end.

Investment: £80 

Next session is Thursday 26th September 10am 

Email to reserve your spot!

3. How to move your business online, and make money!

  • Do you want new ideas to build your business, and make money?
  • Do you want more confidence to market yourself online?
  • Do you want to reach more people across the UK (and the world!)

How to move your business online, and make money is for any reflexologist looking for fresh ideas and the confidence to explore new ways to build your reputation as an expert in your field.

This course will provide you with simple, innovative and effective tools to enhance your marketing plans and start teaching reflexology online. In just 3 hours we cover:

  • How to move your business online
  • New ideas to set you apart from the rest on social media
  • How to practice reflexology online

The course has a 10 attendee limit so there is time for 121 practical support and includes a CPD certificate at the end.

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“Meg thank you so much for your great, worthwhile course. We had many opportunities to talk about our own experiences and challenges and to ask questions. Meg made the course enjoyable and gave us practical guidance for particular cases and personal circumstances.”