Fourth Trimester Treatment

We are offered support, love and care throughout pregnancy but as soon as we give birth all that focus is diverted to the baby. Whilst our baby is worthy of all this attention, our society has forgotten how to nurture the postnatal mum; this leaves her exhausted from birth, sleep deprived and sometimes physically or emotionally traumatised. We talk a lot about conception and prenatal reflexology but there was not the same emphasis on postnatal. 

I personally experienced postpartum burn out after the birth of my first child so I know why and how new parents ignore their own bodies when it needs nurture and nourishment the most. This also inspired me to develop my Fourth Trimester Treatment; treating a client in their first three months postpartum (the Fourth Trimester). 

I offer at-home visits to new mums to rebalance, restore and relax tired bodies. I welcome you to feed and hold your baby during the treatment as your healing energy has a relaxing effect on your baby.