10 female habits we should try to avoid

I do not usually read the Yahoo articles, but this one caught my eye. The top 10 worst female habits documents what us women are doing to ourselves on a day to day basis, and how these can damage our health.

What interested me was not the standard heel warnings, although as a reflexologist I can really notice who crams their feet into too small too high heels everyday! What interested me was the recognition of our emotions on our long term health. Suddenly under ‘wearing the wrong bra’ and ‘drinking as much as men’ were the intuitive ‘habouring regrets’ and ‘putting themselves last’.

Our emotional state plays a much bigger role on our internal workings than we thought possible. Any negative emotional response can have a big impact on our hormonal balance and even affect how our organs work. Take stress at work for an example. When stress hits, your body goes into fight or flight mode. Adrenaline is released causing the whole of your body and mental capability to shut down whilst your heart works to ‘keep you alive’. It is a primitive function that works on the most primitive level, and should rarely be used on a day to day level. However, we are frequently playing with our hormonal levels to survive deadlines and social arrangements.

And the result? Pressure on the heart, a body full of hormones and our systems shutting down to ‘survive’.

The solution? Look after yourself. Understand that your external affects your internal, and vice versa. Eat well, live well and you will be well!